The WIDE L165 3P is fabricated with a patent optical lens producing 165° of viewing angle, 
designed for applications requiring high lumen output with excellent lighting uniformity.
Each module has consistant color temperature due to specific binning with specially designed optical lensing, providing a highly reliable lighting source, not only limted to signs.
With an impressive output of 64LPW(lumens per watt), the WIDE L165 3P is clearly visible 
from long distance, even in daylight, making it highly suitable for large-scale application
and outdoor productions, Reliable SSC power LED chips are employed to ensure powerful illuminance. The ultra wide beam angle means greater module pitch hence reduced module quantity, almost 1/4 at the same space of installation compared to existing low-middle powered LED modules. Wide L165 3P will reduce your labour cost and installation time dramatically. You will realize what the word outstanding should mean when you see them on.

WIDE L165 3P